August 15, 2022

Grofers Clone – Comprehensive Grocery Delivery App Solution

Demand for mobility solutions for on-demand services is increasing day by day. Especially when it comes to grocery services, all grocery store owners have a keen look at expanding their business and focusing more on a digital transformation for their grocery business. Many leading grocery stores like Grofers have proven to become successful grocery eCommerce platforms.

This has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to set their path in building an online grocery platform. Now, the main question that arises in their minds is how to build an app like Grofers. This article is going to guide you in building a grocery platform like Grofers and will let you know more about what grofers is, what are its salient features, and many more.

Grofers Clone App

Grofers is a leading Indian-based on-demand grocery platform that delivers 1.25 lakhs orders every day. The company operated in more than 30 main cities in India. By seeing the grand success of this grocery eCommerce platform there is a huge demand for Grofers clone app. When you get a grofers clone, you can easily get all essential features that are available in Grofers and get hold of the market easily.

Grofers Clone Script Covers Various Types OF Business Models

Grofers follow a hyperlocal on-demand business model and deliver grocery items to its customers within a few hours from the time of order taken. When you decide to get a grofers clone script then you can easily get adopted to any of the below-mentioned business models for your grocery business.

  • Local grocery stores – grofers clone script can work out well for individual stand-alone grocery stores that can increase the loyalty of its customers by offering better referral and loyalty programs. Many customer-centric features are available with the grofers clone app and users can gain the attention of their target audience easily.
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces – if you plan to have multiple grocery store owners connected through a platform then grofers clone script will help you the most. You can allow buyers to search, find and compare grocery items with multiple sellers and can order them through your platform.
  • Grocery chain stores – stay connected with your multiple grocery stores that are running on multiple locations. The grofers clone app will help you to monitor all your stores and supports you to increase your business efficiency and assure smooth functioning of the system.

Enticing Features Of Our On-Demand Grocery App

Multiple user groups are involved in accessing the grofers clone app. The features you integrate should fulfill the demands of all user groups. Let us identify the key features that are mandatory for each user group.

Admin features

  • Manage multiple stores at their convenient location.
  • Manage all listings that are displayed by each seller.
  • Handle offers and discounts through the platform to delight customers.
  • Setting commission slabs and payment terms for sellers.
  • Monitoring reviews and ratings that are given by customers.
  • Easy order tracking facility to track orders and know their current status.
  • Get helpful analytics and reports that can be used to understand the platform’s performance.

Seller features

  • Simplified login/registration process to start accessing the platform
  • Manage profile page that contains the brand name, logo, and other descriptions about the seller.
  • An effective inventory management system that will support sellers to have an uninterrupted stock supply.
  • The push notification feature sends periodic alerts and notifications to sellers.
  • Accept or decline order requests and manage multiple orders at the same time.
  • Easy payment tracking system to allow sellers to track their entire payment transactions.
  • Multiple communication channels to get easily connected to customers.

Delivery agent features

  • Accept or decline order requests and send notifications accordingly.
  • Easy navigation tool to locate buyers’ addresses and deliver products easily.
  • Handle multiple deliveries with single back-end support.
  • Customers and admin should be able to track the delivery agent.
  • The delivery agent should be able to view the reviews and ratings given by customers.

Customer features

  • Social media login process that helps customers to sign in with their social media account.
  • Automatic location detection is to be done while entering the address form.
  • Advanced search and filtering options are needed to support customers to identify products easily.
  • Allow customers to add products to their cart and let them buy in a single shot.
  • Multiple payment options to facilitate customers to pay online and get products.
  • Allow customers to schedule their delivery and let them choose their comfortable delivery slot.
  • Customers should be able to re-order the same items without finding and selecting them from the start.
  • Review and rating options should be mandatory that will let customers share their feedback about the quality and the service of the platform.

How Does Grofers Clone App Works – Explicit Workflow

The working pattern of the Grofers clone app is easily understandable. There is no complication in the functioning of the system and you can utilize the grofers clone script once you get to know about the workflow of this grocery platform.

  • Products are listed on the grocery platform. customers will register themselves, enter the platform and search for products.
  • Once they find their products, they will add them to their cart initially and will pay through the platform and place the order.
  • The order notification will be sent to the admin, the concerned seller, and the delivery agent.
  • The delivery agent will reach the seller’s place. The seller will have the order packed and will dispatch the order.
  • Now the order is visible through tracking. Customers can track their orders and the delivery agent.
  • The delivery agent will locate the address through the map and will deliver the product to customers’ doorsteps.
  • Customers will verify the product and will complete the order.
  • Finally, customers will rate and review the product quality and the platform service.

Key Benefits Of Our Grofers Clone App Script

There are multiple benefits that users can experience by going for a Grofers Clone app Script. This will help them to boost their grocery business and get assured returns.

  • Users get a customizable and scalable grocery business solution that will help them to expand their business.
  • The platform is a cloud-based marketplace that will allow users to access the resources anywhere, anytime.
  • The grofers app will support any business model and users can have either a single store or multiple stores.
  • Advanced technologies will be integrated that will simplify the business operation and will get users a better conversion.

Why Zielcommerce Is The Right Choice For You

If you are more determined to build an app like Grofers, then Zielcommerce can be a perfect choice. Zielcommerce is a one-stop solution that offers an omnichannel shopping experience to customers and users can get end-to-end grocery business solutions. More valuable features are available in this grofers clone. Let us have a deep look at the features that will help you to escalate your grocery business.

  • Enchanting UI & UX – the most attractive part of Zielcommerce is its design. The platform can easily grab the attention of the audience and can convert them into customers by providing user-friendly accessibility.
  • Omnichannel shopping experience – users can get an omnichannel shopping experience as the platform is reachable through a grocery website, a mobile application, social media platforms, and many more.
  • Affordable pricing – this grocery eCommerce software comes with a one-time payment and is very cost-effective for any startup or small-medium-sized business. There is no hidden charge applicable.
  • 100% customization – though the platform is a readymade solution, users can get complete customization and can make it a perfect fit for their grocery business.
  • Social media login and sharing – users cannot ignore social media platforms while promoting their brands. Zielcommerce supports you by integrating social media platforms and letting users to register through social media credentials and share products in their social pages.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Grofers Clone App

When you think about how to build an app like grofers then immediately the next question will be what will be the cost for the development of grofers clone app. Costing cannot be estimated without getting the exact user requirements.

As per the requirement, the cost varies. Many factors determine the cost part. You need to be more specific about the features and modules that you would like to have in your grocery app. You may also show interest in implementing the latest trends and technologies that will cost you more.

So, it is very essential to have a clear picture of what your business needs and who your target audience is. Then you should check with several grofers clone apps and ask for a demo. Make sure that they support customization and the platform is also scalable. Then you can ask for the cost.


Put your heart into your business goals. Analyze more on grofers clone scripts or grofers clone apps and get the best for your business. This will leverage your revenue and delight your customers. Always keep an eye on your competitors and know what marketing strategy they use to attract the audience and retain customers. This will help you to streamline your marketing and promotion process effectively.

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