August 15, 2022
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BigBasket  Clone – Grocery Delivery App And Website Solution

The grocery eCommerce platform has created a sensational user experience that has attracted more customers to prefer online grocery platforms to purchase their day-to-day grocery items. Many leading online grocery stores have set a milestone in the grocery industry and have inspired many budding entrepreneurs.

One such reputed grocery eCommerce platform is the Bigbasket. Bigbasket is the leading on-demand hyperlocal grocery store that has millions of satisfied users. The platform contains more than 18000 products and offers an excellent grocery shopping experience to its users.

The success story of this grocery eCommerce platform is truly inspiring and many have shown interest to build a grocery marketplace like Bigbasket. To fulfill the greater demand for this business model, Bigbasket clone apps are available in the market.

BigBasket App Clone Development

The Bigbasket app clone is an on-demand grocery delivery software that has all the essential features that are available in Bigbasket. Users get a perfect grocery business solution by utilizing this BigBasket clone app and can meet their business goals in a cost-effective way.

To this clone script, users can add additional features and functionalities that will suit their business as it is completely customizable and scalable to use. Users can build their online grocery app like Bigbasket by just trusting the BigBasket clone app.

How Does BigBasket Clone Work

The workflow of the BigBasket clone script is very simple and easy to understand. There is no complicated process being followed. Every non-technical user can easily identify the working pattern of this clone script.

  • Buyers can find the nearby grocery stores through the grocery app and can select the one with affordable product pricing.
  • They can search and find products and can add them to the cart and proceed with the checkout process and pay online through the app.
  • The admin of the platform will get notifications regarding the order and will send alerts to the nearest delivery agent and the grocery store.
  • The grocery store will pack the order and the delivery agent will reach the store and will collect the order.
  • The delivery partner uses the geo-location map feature and locates the address. Meantime, the customer will be able to track their order through the order tracking feature.
  • The product is delivered to the customer’s doorstep and customers will share their reviews and ratings through the grocery app.

Empowering Your Business With Most Suitable Business Models

The business model you select for your grocery online store has a crucial role in determining your success rate. BigBasket is very particular in its business model that has made the platform survive well in the market.

BigBasket follows two business models for its grocery business.

  • Inventory-led business model – non-perishable grocery items are purchased from branded stores in huge quantities and are stored in the company’s warehouse. Whenever an order is placed, the platform will check with the warehouse and will arrange for the delivery in a few hours.
  • On-demand Hyper-local business model – perishable grocery items are purchased from the nearby grocery stores and they can be delivered instantly to customers. These products are not maintained in the warehouse.

The BigBasket clone app will support you to have these business models for your grocery online business and will help you to satisfy your customers and get more orders.

Features Of BigBasket Clone With Distinct Channels

When you decide to use the BigBasket clone app you need to check for features that should satisfy all user groups. Usually, any grocery platform will have customers, sellers, delivery partners, and the admin as users. So, make sure that all user groups are considered while developing features for the platform.

Customer app features

  • Registration – simplified login process is needed and the grocery app should allow customers to use their social media credentials to log in to the app.
  • Dedicated profile – separate profile page is needed for each customer as they can edit and manage their profile that can have their image and their contact details.
  • Advanced search – customers should be able to locate their products easily with just a few clicks. For this, the grocery app should support them with advanced search and filtering options. This can take them directly to the product page without taking more time.
  • Add to cart – let your customers add their favorite products in the cart and let them buy them on the whole. Customers should be able to add multiple products to their carts.
  • Easy checkout – to avoid cart abandonment rates, your grocery app should have a simplified checkout page that will help customers easily carry out the payment process and complete their order purchasing.
  • Multiple payment options – to have better order conversion, your grocery app should support buyers with multiple payment options. Integrate your platform with reputed payment gateways and let your customers use them and benefit.
  • Real-time order tracking – this is one of the crucial elements that every customer will seek in any grocery app. Allow them to track their orders in real-time and let them know the current status of their orders.
  • Reviews and ratings – once the customer receives his order he has the right to share his feedback about the product quality and the service provided by the platform. So, your grocery platform should offer a review and rating options.

Grocery store app

  • Manage orders – orders will be intimated to the concerned store owners and the owner should have the right to accept or reject the order.
  • Manage delivery – the accepted orders should be properly packed and should be handed over to the concerned delivery partner without any confusion.
  • Manage products – sellers will add, remove, or edit products and will align them according to the category that will let customers identify them easily.
  • Effective inventory management – sellers need to maintain their stock in an organized manner that will support them to have an uninterrupted order delivery. They should be intimated whenever their stock reaches the minimum level.
  • On-off product – sellers may list multiple products in the grocery app but according to the season, the availability of products varies. So, the seller should be able to on or off any product that will avoid unnecessary confusion at the time of ordering.
  • Earning details – the seller will earn through the grocery platform and he should be able to view his earning history and should have clear statistics about his earnings. This will help him understand how well his business is performing along with the platform.
  • View ratings – sellers should be able to view the rating and review given by the customer. This will help them to enhance their business performance and increase their order value.

Delivery partner app features

  • Authenticated registration – to get registered with the app as a delivery partner, the user needs to enter OTP and register himself with the platform.
  • Submit and verify documents – the delivery partner should be able to submit related documents through the grocery app, that are essential at the time of registration. The admin will verify the documents and will decide either to accept or reject the delivery partner.
  • Manage delivery requests – the delivery agent should be able to accept or reject any delivery request and should send a notification to the admin regarding the delivery.
  • Availability toggle – the delivery agent can set their availability either on or off as this will show whether they are ready to accept the delivery or not.
  • Banking details – the delivery partner should set any of his bank accounts to be integrated with the grocery app that will help them to get their payment through this account from the admin of the platform.
  • Referral programs – the delivery agent should be eligible to refer his friends, relatives, by sending his unique code and get more audience to the platform, and be paid for referring.
  • Route optimization –  the user should be able to locate the address of the customer through the grocery app and should be able to optimize the route and find the shortest route to reach the customer and deliver the product on time.
  • Delivery history – the delivery partner should be able to check his entire delivery history which will be helpful to analyze how well his business is performing with the grocery app.
  • In-app chat – the partner should be able to call the customer through the app and should be able to communicate in fixing the location easily.

Admin app features

  • User management – the admin gains the entire control of the platform and he should be able to manage all user groups and should be able to delegate authorities to other users. The admin can accept or reject any seller or delivery partner from the platform.
  • Push notification – the admin should be able to notify sellers, delivery partners, and customers regarding orders and should also be able to inform customers about the latest arrivals and offers that will increase the sale value of the platform.
  • Multiple store management – the admin can run multiple stores in multiple locations and can access and monitor all stores under single back-end support with the help of this BigBasket clone app.
  • Commission settings – most grocery eCommerce platforms prefer the commission-fee model and the admin should be able to set commission to each seller and should be able to change the commission slab whenever needed.
  • Customization – every grocery business will have its own demands and the grocery app should be able to fulfill all those demands in an effective way. For this, you need to have a perfect customizable grocery platform that will allow the admin to frame the app according to his business requirement.
  • Referral and loyalty programs – to retain your customers you need to impress them with unique referral and loyalty programs. This will let them add more new customers to your grocery business that will increase your revenue easily.

Why Choose Zielcommerce For BigBasket Clone Solution

Zielcommerce is the most recommended option to build a grocery app like BigBasket. Users can have a fully loaded grocery eCommerce platform with all essential features that will make them stand alone in the market and beat the heavy competition in a better way.

  • Customizable – this BigBasket clone script is completely customizable for users as they can have control over the coding and can revamp the platform to suit their business needs.
  • Scalable – users may not worry about holding huge customer data as the platform is perfectly scalable and will allow users to expand their business in future and manage their entire business with the single grocery platform.
  • One-time cost – this dedicated BigBasket clone script comes with a one-time payment that will allow users to own the platform by paying once. There are no hidden charges with this grocery app.
  • Easy installation – the platform provider will arrange for the installation and setup process and users can feel more comfortable with our technical assistance and can easily handle the platform and get assured returns.
  • 3 months free support – Zielcommerce is well-known for its customer support. A dedicated technical team will assist you in managing the grocery app and users can get 3 months of free support.

Setup Your Online Grocery Delivery Platform With Our Cost-Efficient Solution

You can run your grocery delivery business by completely relying on our efficient grocery solution. You may not worry about the cost as Zielcommerce comes at an affordable price when compared with any other grocery eCommerce platform.

The grocery app will contain all salient features that will make you reach your audience just like BigBasket and you can impress them with the available modules or you can even go for customization and can have additional features with additional cost and succeed in your grocery delivery business.


Understand what your customers expect and fulfill their requirements with your perfect grocery clone app. Be more determined in meeting your business goals and acquire more new customers and also retain your existing customers with your advanced functionalities and modules.

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