August 15, 2022

10 Best Spa Appointment Booking Software for Online Scheduling

Every business management needs to rely on software that can simplify business operations and give efficient outputs. Most tasks are carried out through automation and less manual effort is needed. Today, one of the businesses that crucially need software support is the salon and spa business.

Customers prefer to visit the spa website to book their appointments rather than visit the spa center to do the same. They can save time and can get things done in a few clicks. Even spa center owners need to have reliable spa appointment booking software that not only addresses their booking issues but also gives solutions to their day-to-day business operations.

If you have an idea of building your spa scheduling software then you need to go through all the below-mentioned leading spa booking software that are performing well in the market. Analyze more about their features and functionalities and choose the best one that suits your spa business.

1. Zielcommerce – Best user-interface Spa Appointment Scheduling Software

Zielcommerce is a cloud-based spa booking software that has the most pleasing UI and UX. The platform is ready for customization and is suitable for any business size. Users can gain better brand visibility and can easily reach their target audience as the platform is search engine optimized. The software also contains multiple marketing tools that support you in branding and promotion without spending much.

Zielcommerce is available to users with a one-time payment. By paying once, users can own the source code and the license of the software and can have an end-to-end protected spa booking software to enhance their spa business. The software is integrated with the most familiar payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and users can assure their customers to have a secured payment transaction.

Features of this Online Spa Scheduling Software

  • The software is more user-friendly and users may not need any technical assistance in managing the spa software.
  • Automatic calendar synchronization is carried out that will help the spa owners to let customers have a proper spa schedule in a hassle-free manner.
  • Users can get 24/7 customer support and can raise their issues to the technical team through any of the communication channels that are available to communicate.
  • The software is mobile-friendly and it is compatible with any smart device screen size and gives the exact look and feel to customers.
  • The push notification feature will send notifications to customers and spa owners regarding their appointments and schedules.

2. Nectareon – Device Compatible Spa Scheduling Software

Nectareon provides the best spa solution for your spa business and supports users round the clock. This allows customers to book their spa appointments anywhere, anytime. This robust spa booking software has all customer-centric features that never fail to delight customers and retain them throughout your business journey. Multiple revenue channels are streamlined and support users to have better income through several sources.

Users can run multiple spa centers and can manage all of them under single software. Monitoring and tracking records are easier with this spa scheduling software and this simplifies the business and gives more productivity. A better appointment scheduling system is maintained in this software that efficiently carries out the booking process and increases the customer base.

Features of this Spa Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Appointments can be easily tracked and monitored and users get a clear report on paid and unpaid appointments. This will help them to prioritize their spa schedules.
  • As the software is scalable, users can hold huge customer data and the data can be used to understand customers’ service preferences and help in offering personalized services.
  • Without any security threats, customers can pay and book their spa appointments as the payment gateways that are integrated with the platform are highly secured.
  • Customers get booking confirmation through the push notification feature and also get proper reminders before their appointment schedule.
  • This software supports Google calendar synchronization and will avoid all confusions that occur at the time of booking.

3. Squareup – Search Engine Optimized Spa Booking Software

Squareup is one of the best spa scheduling software that is highly recommended for any startup. A perfect booking process is streamlined and supports customers to have online booking without any confusion. This service-based spa scheduling software supports users by being a reliable CRM and also efficiently carries out all staff management.

The software offers live chat, email chat, messenger chat, and many more communication modes that will allow customers to have direct contact with the spa owners or the stylist. The software can be reached either from the spa website, from the mobile application, or even through any social media channels and offers an omnichannel booking experience to customers.

Features of this Online Spa Booking Software

  • The in-built marketing tools will support users to have an automated marketing and promotion process without spending money.
  • Customers are allowed to book and at the same time, they can easily cancel or postpone their booking without much difficulty.
  • Better traffic can be expected as the booking page is embedded in all social media platforms that have more active target audiences.
  • Users are allowed to design their own pricing and service packages and can keep revising it whenever needed and can give offers and discounts periodically.
  • Customers can use their credit or debit cards, even they can use their net banking facility or any payment gateway that is integrated with the platform to pay and book appointments.

4. Codecanyon – Fully Customizable Online Spa Scheduling Software

Codecanyon offers the best spa experience to customers as most features are customer-focused, customers can be delighted and users can gain their complete support to run their spa business effectively. A simplified booking process is carried out and once the booking is made the customer data is stored in the dedicated CRM that can be used in future processes.

Google calendar is integrated with the software that will allow you to synchronize the schedule with your existing appointments and will avoid multiple appointments on the same date and time. With the help of the calendar, customers can check the availability of their favorite stylists and can plan their schedules accordingly.

Features of this Spa Scheduling Software

  • Users can have a customized page for online booking that will facilitate customers to have direct access to this page and book their spa schedule online.
  • Attractive contents are the added advantage of using this spa scheduling software as customers can be easily attracted by the eye-catching content.
  • Appointments can be rejected or accepted by the spa owner or by the specialist anytime and can send a notification to the customer.
  • A personalized calendar can be embedded along with the software that will help the spa owner to align their schedules in an orderly manner.
  • Customers can give their reviews and ratings about the service provided by the spa center and can also share them in their social media pages.

5. Menabytes – Multifaceted Spa Booking Software

Menabytes is versatile and robust online spa scheduling software that allows customers to book their appointment with their favorite spa center along with their favorite specialist through an online booking facility. By analyzing customers’ preferences users can offer more personalized services to them and delight them and retain them.

The software perfectly fits into any business sizes and supports all business models. Multiple revenue streams like commission fee, subscription fee, affiliate modules, advertisements and many more revenue sources are integrated that will assure users to have greater income through the software.

Features of this Spa Booking Software

  • Better customer experience can be offered with this mobile compatible spa scheduling software. The design is more device responsive and can fit into any screen size.
  • The push notification feature has a crucial role in fulfilling the appointments in a better way as it keeps sending reminders to customers and the spa owners about their bookings.
  • Social media platforms can be of great use as the software is well integrated with social media sharing and social media login.
  • Customers can book their spa appointments either by visiting their website or through the mobile application or even they can book the appointment from their social media pages.
  • A highly secured and optimized payment processing is streamlined and allows customers to have a flexible payment option.

6. Timify – Multilingual Spa Booking Software

Timify is business management spa scheduling software that supports users not only in the booking process but also extends its support in offering easy staff management, better tax, and invoice management, and many more with the single back-end platform. The software is very cost-effective and it is affordable for any startup.

Customer support is highly appreciable with this software team as users can get in touch with the technical team anytime and get things clarified on time. This excellent customer support has gained more positive reviews from its customers and this has been a promoting tool for this spa scheduling software.

Features of this Online Spa Appointment Booking Software

  • Users can have multiple spa centers at multiple locations and can monitor and track records of all centers with the single software effectively.
  • Users can attract more audience with its dedicated mobile application that can be supported by both Android and iOS and you can get more traffic.
  • Individual staff performance can be tracked by the spa owners as they can get a detailed report on the working hours and their products easily.
  • Effective inventory management is processed with this spa scheduling software and users can keep their spa products with proper accounting.
  • Shift reminders are indicated to each specialist through automation and spa owners may not worry about missing any customers’ appointments.
  • The software comes with perfect backup processes that will help users to maintain their customer data without losing them.

7. Bookeo – Budget-friendly Spa Booking Software

Bookeo is a perfect choice for any startup and small-sized business as the software comes with the most affordable pricing when compared with other spa booking platforms. The software has the most attractive UI and UX that can easily grab the attention of the audience and can increase your software traffic with less effort. Better navigation tools are integrated that offer a better customer experience.

Users can maintain track of customers’ preferences and can make use of those data in offering them more personalized spa services that will delight them. This will help you to acquire more customers through your existing satisfied customers. Users can integrate the existing third-party API that they use for their business operation with this software with less difficulty and can easily synchronize data among the software.

Features of this Online Booking Software for Spas.

  • Gain ultimate integration of all social media platforms with this software and let your customers access the platform from their social media accounts.
  • The platform supports multiple languages and also multiple currencies and allows users to have their business go globally.
  • More than 60+ payment gateways are integrated with this software that will let customers choose their comfortable and trusted payment gateway for payment processing.
  • The software is perfectly scalable, allows users to have a better future with their business and assures them to hold huge customer data.
  • More automation is provided with this software and allows users to get their work done with less manual interference.

8. Salonist – Robust Online Spa Scheduling Software

Salonist is a well-organized salon and spa software that offers the best scheduling tool to users and lets them manage their appointments in a systemized way. Detailed analytics and reporting features help users to have a clear insight about the performance of their spa business as they can get graphs and charts about their business movement. This can help them in taking necessary measures to maintain and move their business forward.

Multiple marketing promotional activities are supported by this software. Users can run social media ads, Google Ads, run email campaigns, and other social media campaigns and can get better brand visibility with less investment. To delight customers, users can offer them better discounts and coupons that will save money and increase their loyalty towards your business.

Features of this Spa Appointment Booking Software

  • Multiple communication channels are available and this will allow customers to have direct contact with the spa owners or the specialist and can get their doubts cleared.
  • Personalized messages can be sent to your customers by using their profile data and this will impress your customers and will make them refer more customers to your business.
  • The software attracts a more mobile audience as it inherits a mobile responsive design that can easily fit into any screen size of the user.
  • A single customer can book multiple services at a time and can pay for all with a single slot by using the payment gateway or any other payment mode.

9. Treatwell – Top-notch Spa Booking Software

Treatwell is one of the best online spa scheduling software that can attract more audiences and assure better returns to users. The booking forms can be customized by users according to their business requirements. The software is more user-friendly and easy to handle and not much technical knowledge is required to manage the software.

The platform is more device responsive and can get you more traffic to your software. Sudden traffic can also be well-handled by this software’s hosting provider and can assure users with proper data backup and give better data security. A complete business solution can be given to users and all their business operations can be carried out efficiently through the automation process.

Features of this Spa Booking Software.

  • Users can set their pricing slabs for each service and can announce offers and discounts to attract customers and get more bookings.
  • Better referral and loyalty programs are available that will let customers use and save money and also will make them refer more customers to the spa center.
  • The payment processing is easily handled and customers can have multiple payment options that will help them to pay and book the appointment with the concerned spa center.
  • Customers are given the freedom to share their feedback about the service they have received from the spa center and they can even share them on their social media pages.
  • The push notification feature helps users to send a notification to customers that will remind them about their current bookings and this will help to reduce booking cancellation and postponement.

10.  Booksy – Customer-centric Spa Scheduling Software

Booksy is a professional booking platform for spas that organizes the entire spa business operations in an efficient way. Users can get complete control over their spa business as they can handle multiple spa centers with a single software and can monitor each employee’s performance, check the quality of service and can give appraisals with reference to their personal reports.

At one end, users can manage their business functions and on the other end, they can effectively handle their customers with more customer-centric features like offers and discounts, referral programs, and many more. Through these features, users can easily acquire more new customers to their business and through word-of-mouth, they can get more attention from their audiences.

Features of this Spa Scheduling Software

  • The booking page is more user-friendly and customers can easily get the service they want to book and can select their payment mode and can proceed with the booking process.
  • The availability of the specialist is clearly listed in the Calendar that is synchronized with the software and this will help customers to choose their booking accordingly.
  • A free demo version is available for users and this will help them to have perfect hands-on training on handling the software without any technical support.
  • The platform contains multiple languages and users from any region can easily access the platform with their favorite language and this can easily get you global audiences.
  • You can have multiple spa owners connected with your single software and can have a flexible commission fee model that benefits both spa owners and the admin.

11. Sirchend – a multichannel Spa Scheduling Software

Sirchend is an aggressive online spa platform that allows users to access through multiple channels and provides an omnichannel spa booking experience. The in-built marketing tools will help users to gain better branding and reach the target audience easily. The spa provider can have unlimited services added to the platform and the marketplace support more data as it is more scalable.

Business performance can be easily identified through advanced analytics and reporting features. This will get you a clear idea about the number of visitors who have visited your service website, order conversions, the highest revenue-generating channel, and many more. The platform also supports easy migration and users can easily shift their offline store to an online spa appointment booking platform and can do their online business and get better returns.

Features of this Spa Appointment Scheduling Platform

  • Users can provide better commission plans to all service providers that will satisfy them and can even change the commission plan whenever needed.
  • Multiple plugins are provided along with the marketplace that can be used to simplify the business tasks and increase efficiency.
  • 100% customization is supported by this service marketplace platform that will help users to have their platform in the way they want it to be.
  • To enhance customer experience, the platform comes with a dedicated mobile application that will let customers have the service from their mobile.

12. Idyaflow – Ready-to-use Online Scheduling Software for SPA

Idyaflow is a customer-centric spa platform that has all salient features that attract customers and will make them stay with the platform. Multiple admin features will assure users have better returns and will make them survive in the market. better spa booking management lets customers have a smooth booking process and will get proper notification regarding their spa booking.

SPA providers will have multiple benefits in getting registered with this spa appointment booking software. They can have unlimited service listings and the platform supports bulk service upload. The platform is SEO-friendly which will help spa providers to get better visibility to their audience and they can have enough visitors to their service page and can easily get service orders.

Features of this online spa booking software

  • The platform is perfectly secured with SSL certification that will assure users to have their data be more secured.
  • The intuitive user interface will attract more audiences to the platform and will provide a better service booking experience to customers.
  • The platform comes with a fast-loading speed that will facilitate customers to stay in the marketplace for a long time.
  • Google map integration helps customers to find nearby service providers who can deliver service at their doorstep.

13. Hashstudioz – A Mobile-friendly SPA Appointment Booking Software

Hashstudioz supports users with better data backup services and will let users have uninterrupted services and the service website will be active all the time without any server down issues. Multiple revenue channels are integrated with the platform that will let users have assured returns. Users can increase their revenue by focusing on customer satisfaction and also delighting their service providers.

Multiple add-ons are available with this spa booking marketplace platform and most of them are free of cost and few are chargeable. Users can choose add-ons that will support their business and can use them to increase their efficiency. Also, the platform comes with affordable pricing. Every startup can make use of this platform and can start their online spa marketplace with less investment.

Features of this spa appointment scheduling software

  • The platform is scalable and can support huge data and will let users expand their business and can have unlimited customers, services, and many more.
  • The multiple currency support and the multilingual support help users to have business all over the world.
  • More than 50+ payment gateways are integrated with the platform that will let customers to easily have their payment transactions.
  • Customers can use their social media pages and can share their feedback that will let others to know more about the service platform.


If you plan to expand your spa business then you have no other choice than to select the perfect spa booking software. Systemize your entire spa business to increase your business efficiency and meet the market demands with the help of reliable spa scheduling software. Hope you have analyzed all the above-mentioned leading software for spa booking. Check with your business requirement and select the one that perfectly suits you well and proceed further.

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