August 15, 2022

12 Best Online Grocery Ordering And  Delivery Software For Grocery Business

The online grocery business is becoming one of the most promising business ideas for any budding entrepreneur. The guaranteed results and better brand recognition are added advantages for this market to gain the attention of the audience. Consumers still believe that homemade foods are good for healthy living and this is why the grocery eCommerce business is always moving forward without facing any downfall.

If you are planning to build your grocery ordering software then this article is going to support you by offering enough information regarding all leading grocery eCommerce platforms and their unique features. Before analyzing our competitors, we need to be clear with the benefits of using grocery ordering and delivering software.

Benefits Of Using a Grocery Ordering Platform

  • Convenient and time-saving – customers can sit at home and can order their grocery items. The grocery store owners can get their orders through their smartphones and can process the order in less time.
  • Book out-of-stock products in advance – customers may not get upset with out-of-stock products as they can set a notification about their arrival and can book them in advance with the help of a grocery ordering app.
  • Recurring and scheduled order – certain grocery products like milk are needed on a daily basis. By using an online grocery platform, customers can subscribe to those products and can get them on a regular basis.
  • Secured payment processing – customers can easily pay online through the grocery eCommerce platform as they will have integrated multiple secured payment gateways that will simplify the payment processing.
  • Special offers and loyalty programs – when compared with a physical grocery store, an online grocery store can provide better loyalty programs to customers. This will attract more audience to your grocery store and get you better returns.

Best Online Grocery Ordering Platforms

1.  Zielcommerce  – A Most Reliable Online Grocery Ordering Software

Zielcommerce is a white-label and cloud-based secured grocery ordering & delivering platform that perfectly matches businesses of any size and model. Users can gain complete control over the inventory and order management and can have a hassle-free online grocery business. The platform offers an omnichannel shopping experience to all customers.

100% customization is offered that helps users to frame the platform to fit well with their grocery store business. The appealing UI/UX gains the attention of the audience and helps to increase your grocery website traffic. In addition to this, the platform is SEO-friendly that supports users to reach their audience on all search engine pages.

Features of this Grocery Ordering Platform

  • Cost-effective online grocery solution that comes with a one-time payment. Users can own the platform along with the lifetime license.
  • Any third-party application can be integrated with this grocery platform and through better synchronization features you can interlink both platforms.
  • A dedicated mobile application is supported by this grocery ordering software and users of both Android and iOS can utilize the grocery app.
  • The platform comes with multiple modes of payment that facilitate customers to pay online without any hesitation and get products.
  • A simplified checkout process has gained more positive reviews from customers
  • Customers and sellers can track their orders through order tracking features.

2.  Valueappz- A Supreme Online Grocery Ordering Platform

Valueappz is a well-known, Indian-based online grocery platform that has millions of active users. The platform holds more than 18000 products and contains more than 1000 brands in its product category. A wide range of grocery products that include fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, rice and dals, beverages, personal care products, and many more are available in this grocery eCommerce store.

On-time delivery and best quality products have helped the platform to gain a greater reputation in the grocery market. Customers can select their convenient payment mode and delivery slot while ordering products from this grocery platform. Consumers can get their products through subscription-based orders also.

Features of this Grocery eCommerce Shopping Platform

  • Multiple product categories are available that will simplify the searching process for any customer.
  • Dynamic bank and wallet features support users to get exclusive deals and coupons that will save them money.
  • Members gain additional offers and discounts on all products and can have complete access to the platform.
  • An Express delivery option is available that will let customers have their orders within 90 minutes from their time of ordering.
  • More than 7 languages are available in the platform that helps users from various region to access the platform without any difficulty.
  • Customers are allowed to share their reviews and rate their services through the grocery platform and sellers are allowed to view those reviews.

3. Mercatus –  A Personalized  Online Grocery Platform For Store.

Mercatus is a multifaceted eCommerce grocery ordering platform that has gained a major customer base in a short period. Grofers is currently named ‘Blinkit’ as its motive is to deliver products within 10 minutes from the time of ordering. Just letting them get their products in the blink of an eye. This is the fastest delivering grocery eCommerce platform in the market.

This platform partners with multiple grocery stores that will be available within 2 km of distance from customers and that make 10 mins delivery a possible one. The platform follows a hyperlocal grocery business model. The platform not only delivers groceries but also does warehousing, handles shipping and delivery, manages the supply chain, and many more.

Features of this Grocery Ordering and Delivering Software

  • Simplicity in design makes the platform more user-friendly and will let any type of audience have easy access.
  • The ease of navigation tools let customers find their required grocery products out of thousands of available product categories.
  • Easy checkout and payment processing system delights customers and lets them have hassle-free grocery shopping.
  • Effective delivery scheduling will let the admin handle the delivery and packing process without any confusion.
  • Easy return and refund policies have gained a better response from customers.
  • The real-time tracking feature is made available for sellers and buyers.

4. Ever- An Remarkable Online Grocery Shopping Platform

Ever gives a perfect digital transformation to your grocery store business. Personalized preferences can be provided to customers and customers gain a seamless shopping experience. It supports multiple business models and has been integrated with multiple revenue channels that assure better income.

The platform is more flexible and budget-friendly. It offers sellers to have a globally connected network as the platform supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. Users can monitor their grocery stores anywhere anytime as the platform is a completely cloud-based grocery marketplace platform. Multiple payment gateways are integrated with this grocery eCommerce software to support customers in having a comfortable payment transaction.

Features of this Online Grocery Store

  • A dedicated admin dashboard is available and lets the admin have a quick and clear view of the grocery business.
  • Entire orders are streamlined through automation and order management is handled effectively.
  • An exclusive delivery app is offered to delivery agents as they can map the customers’ addresses and can easily plan their delivery plans.
  • Customer-centric features like review and rating, offers and discounts, and many more are available that delight customers.

5.  Deonde – An Integrated Grocery Ordering store software.

Denode is a reliable and fastest grocery delivery platform that assures minimum delivery time to customers. Ultrafast delivery is offered for certain cities in India. Many consumables that include atta, dals, rice, edible oils, and personal care items like face wash, shampoos, etc. are available on the platform.

Customers who purchase above the certain value will get free delivery and those who purchase below that value will be charged for delivery. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may need to pay a flat delivery fee of Rs. 30 and if you are a non-member, you need to pay Rs. 59 for all next-day deliveries.

Features of this Grocery Delivering software

  • The platform offers weekly deals and coupons with special additional discounts on selected brands and items.
  • The marketplace connects multiple cities and supports the same delivery to orders with certain restrictions.
  • Social media sharing is available that will let you get connected to the platform from your social media pages.
  • The simplified registration process is carried out and if you are an existing Amazon user, you can use those credentials and enter the Amazon pantry.

6. 4Kode – Best Online Grocery Ordering Software

One of the leading eCommerce giants, Flipkart, has launched its grocery eCommerce platform, Flipkart Supermart, and supports users with daily essentials. Being an Indian-based online grocery store, it stores 75% of pin codes in India. There is a separate supply chain to cover Mumbai alone. Free delivery is offered for orders above Rs. 600.

Customers can select their preferred time slot to get their orders delivered at their doorsteps. Customers can store multiple items in their wish list and can order all in a single slot. Flipkart Supermart has recorded 3X growth in 2021 alone. Currently, the platform holds more than 7000 products that come under 200+ categories.

Features of this Shopping Platform for Groceries

  • Multiple payout options that include credit/debit cards, payment gateways, cash on delivery, net banking, and many more are available to facilitate customers.
  • Flipkart Supermarket offers a ‘Buy now Pay later’ feature that will let customers buy groceries whenever needed and they can pay by the 10th of next month.
  • Customers can select their preferred grocery store and the platform will collect orders from them and will deliver them to customers’ doorstep.

7. Appscrip –  Impressive Online Shopping Platform For Ordering

Appscrip is an Indian-based online grocery ordering platform that can be connected either through retail stores or through an online portal or through a mobile application. There are more than 36 convenience stores in major cities of India. Diversified grocery products like fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry, bread and cakes, and other FMCG products are all available on this grocery platform.

The platform assures 3 hour delivery from the time of order placed by customers. Multiple time slots will be offered and customers can choose their comfortable time frame and can place the order. Irrespective of the order value, a delivery charge of Rs. 50 is charged on each order.

Features of this eCommerce Grocery Delivering Application

  • Through the Push notification feature, customers will get notifications regarding their orders and their current status. Also, new arrivals are informed to customers through email or messages.
  • Order modification option is available that will let customers modify their orders once they place them.
  • The platform supports simplified return and refund policies that will facilitate customers to cancel orders for valuable reasons.
  • Whenever a product is out of stock, the platform will suggest related products to customers that will increase the sale value.

8. Spencer’s Online Grocery –  Grocery Ordering Software For App

Spencer’s is a multi-format retail store that includes grocery items, fashion and accessories, electronics, home essentials, and many more. Currently, Spencer’s retail store holds more than 120 stores in 35 cities in India. There are 37 hyper stores run by Spencer’s. All products are available to customers at very reasonable pricing.

With the supporting omnichannel verticals, this grocery platform is facing tremendous growth. It has recorded 4.5X growth in 2020. To enhance customers’ shopping experience, the platform offers multiple communication channels to customers and allows them to have direct communication with the concerned seller.

Features of this Online Marketplace for Grocery Products

  • Special discounts and offers are provided to customers that will make them save money and have repeated purchases with the platform.
  • The UI and UX are user-friendly, supports any common user to easily handle the platform, and allow them to find products easily.
  • The platform is device compatible and can be accessed from any smart device. So major mobile users can access this platform from their mobile phones.
  • Customers and share their feedback through reviews and ratings that will help others to know more about this grocery platform.

9. Weevi – A Grocery Ordering Shopping Website

Weevi is an online grocery shopping platform developed by the leading payment service provider, Paytm. The platform has numerous grocery partners and provides an end-to-end solution to them. It also offers special support to partners in increasing their sales and revenue. The platform can easily increase the customer base as the platform has many in-built marketing tools.

This grocery platform offers an in-store ordering and in-app ordering feature. Customers orders online and collect them from the grocery store in in-store ordering and they can get them at their doorsteps in in-app ordering. Both facilities are offered by this unique grocery eCommerce platform.

Features of this Online Grocery Software

  • Contactless order is a great feature introduced by this platform that includes contactless product selection, contactless ordering, and payments and contactless invoicing.
  • Easy inventory management is offered in this platform that supports grocery partners to maintain the stock without running out of stock.
  • The real-time merchant help desk will be provided and customers can directly get in touch with the respective merchant/seller.
  • Special deals will be announced every month to customers that will increase customers’ loyalty towards the platform.

10.  Yogrowcer–  Online Grocery Delivering Shopping platform

Yogroxcer is a one-stop grocery solution that offers grocery products to customers with the cheapest pricing. This grocery store is considered to be India’s most profitable supermarket chain and it holds 214 stores in the main cities of India. Being the lowest priced retailer network, Dmart follows the “Everyday Low cost – Everyday Low price” business model.

Consumers always prefer offers and discounts and this has increased the footfall for the platform. The inventory gets cleared quickly and restocking happens very often. Also, there will not be any middleman between Dmart and its supplier. The platform directly negotiates with all suppliers and gets a maximum discount on all products. It follows the Business -to-Customer model and customers get the lowest price when they purchase with Dmart.

Features of this grocery ordering marketplace platform

  • The platform has an exclusive website and a dedicated mobile application that provides an omnichannel shopping experience to customers.
  • Best return and refund policies are followed for all damaged goods at the time of delivery. This satisfies customers and they visit the platform again and again.
  • Customers can experience a quick search and a quick checkout process when they shop with DMart.
  • The platform supports customers with multiple payment options and multiple delivery slots.
  • A perfect inventory management system is followed with Dmart as the inventory keeps moving faster.
  • The order processing is carried out in an efficient way that will assure customers to have on-time delivery.

11.  Purbis – A Online Ecommerce Grocery Ordering  Platform

Purbis is the leading food and grocery ordering platform run by the leading corporate, Reliance Ltd. The platform is launched in 2020 and runs in 200+ cities in India. JioMart is a multi-category online marketplace that has all home essentials, food and groceries, fashion and clothing, and many more.

This grocery eCommerce platform has an attractive user interface that provides a user-friendly shopping experience to customers. The products available on the platform are 5% less in price than its M.R.P. The platform charges Rs. 25 as a delivery fee for all orders that are below Rs. 750 order value. The delivery fee is free for orders above Rs.750.

Features of this Grocery Ordering Marketplace Platform

  • The platform is available to access in all social media channels and customers can use their social media accounts to sign in to the grocery platform.
  • Customers are offered multiple payment options and they can select either to use their credit or debit cards or any integrated payment gateways, net banking, their loyalty points, wallets, and many more.
  • On-time delivery is their key motto and effective order management is the key feature that assures customers to have their orders on time.
  • The customer-centric approach is highly focused on offering multiple communication channels to customers and allowing them to communicate instantly with the customer support team.
  • The platform is perfectly secured with HTTPS and SSL certification that protects customers from all security threats.
  • A better feedback system is followed with JioMart as it allows customers to register their feedback and this will help the platform to enhance its performance.

12.  Shopurgrocery – An Outstanding Online Grocery Ordering Platform

Shopurgrocery is a perfect online grocery solution that will escalate your grocery business. The platform inherits all essential features that every grocery store should possess. More customization and scalability can be experienced by using this platform. The marketplace comes with advanced analytics and reporting tools that will help every user to analyze their grocery business and can easily understand how well they are performing in the market.

The platform is search engine optimized and will help you in getting easy search engine page ranking. With all in-built marketing tools, it can easily attract audiences and can get you more visitors to your grocery store. This grocery eCommerce marketplace is device responsive and can be comfortably accessed through any smart device. The hassle-free order management and inventory management are added advantages of this platform.

Features of this eCommerce grocery ordering solution

  • The platform is social media integrated and allows users to sign in with their social media credentials and also they can share products on their social media pages.
  • Customers can compare products along with their pricing with multiple sellers using the advanced comparison tool.
  • Favorite products can be added to the shopping cart wish list and can be bought in the future or whenever needed by the customer.
  • The admin can handle multiple grocery stores with a single back-end processing platform and can synchronize all stores’ data.


Healthy and remarkable growth can be seen in the online grocery business. Many entrepreneurs started investing in this industry and most of them are getting assured returns. If you plan to start your own grocery eCommerce platform then you need to have clear market analysis and should go through your competitors and understand their strategies. This is the right time to enter this industry. Get started and get huge returns.

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