August 15, 2022

7 Best Fashion Ecommerce Platform Providers [2022 Reviews]

Online shopping has become a habit for customers and they are getting used to it. Either buying a physical product or booking an appointment with a doctor, prefer online fashion platforms that can save their time and money.

Fashion and apparel e-commerce is taking a new dimension with the increase in the market value. The key aspect that is to be focused is customer satisfaction. For this, entrepreneurs need to keep monitoring the trends and technologies that are evolving in the day-to-day market and should keep their fashion platform upgraded all the time.

If you are more determined to enter into this business, you need to analyze the top Fashion E-Commerce platforms for apparel and also should know what statistics say about the present and future of the online fashion and apparel industry.

Fashion and Apparel E-Commerce Industry.

  • The worldwide revenue generated by the fashion E-Commerce industry in 2018 was $481 billion, in 2019 it rose higher to $545 billion and is expected to reach $713 billion by 2022.
  • Number of consumers using the fashion E-Commerce platform were 1.2 billion in 2020 and will reach 2.2 billion in 2022.
  • Accessories and bags are the highest selling category that sells 24.3% of the overall fashion products.
  • China is the most spending country on fashion and apparel e-commerce with $184 billion spending in 2021.
  • 44% of consumers find more comfortable with eCommerce platforms for apparel mainly because of personalization features.

7 top Fashion and Apparel eCommerce Marketplace Platform

1. Zielcommerce – The Most Recommended Fashion E-Commerce Solution with Excellent User Interface

Zielcommerce is a device-compatible, SEO-friendly, fashion and apparel eCommerce platform that is ready to use for users who seek a reliable apparel solution. The sleek templates and easy-to-customize modules will match users’ requirements. The excellent inventory management tool will support sellers to keep track of their stock and support them in having uninterrupted order processing.

Zielcommerce also simplifies the shipping process by streamlining orders and sending tracking information to customers and sellers. Multiple payment processing systems are well integrated with the platform that allows better payment transactions to customers as they will be quite familiar with the payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Features of this Outstanding  Ecommerce Platform for Apparel

  • Ideal for all Business models and supports multiple revenue streams that will increase the income for the admin of the platform.
  • Better social media integration guarantees greater brand visibility and support users to login the platform with their social media credentials and share products in all channels.
  • Customers get an omnichannel shopping experience as the platform is easy to access through a dedicated apparel website, a mobile application and also through social media platforms.
  • This online apparel Marketplace is budget friendly and the platform is available with one time payment. Users can own the platform along with the lifetime license by paying once and there are no hidden charges.
  • An excellent customer support can be assured by the apparel platform as the portal contains multiple communication channels and allows users to communicate with the support team anywhere anytime.

2. Speartex – Easy to use Fashion eCommerce Platform

Speartex topline solution for all fashion demands. Users can avail better customisation and scalability through this fashion and apparel eCommerce platform. The strong features and its excellent order management system make it worth investing. The platform offers best design options that can attract more visitors to your online fashion store.

Even non-techy users can easily get used to the platform and can manage them effectively as it is more user friendly. sellers can add unlimited products and can have flexible product variants. With an effective inventory management users can organize all the products by price, name, serial number, and can maintain their stock properly. 

Features of this Fashion and Apparel eCommerce Platform

  • The inbuilt marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, content management system will both the traffic of your fashion website and increase conversion rate.
  • Platform supports users to have several blogs that help in promoting the brand and acts as a perfect blogging platform.
  • Users can get commerce Analytics provide clear data and insights on traffic sources, revenue generating sources, and many more.
  • More customer-centric features like gift cards, coupons and discounts, loyalty and referral programs are available that can easily delete customers and retain them.
  • All domains are secured with the free SSL certification and assure all user data are secured within the website.

3. Websell – Device Compatible Apparel Ecommerce Solution

Websell is a cost-effective E-Commerce platform that is highly recommended for any startup or SME. A wide range of products are displayed and attractive content audiences are easily attracted to your online fashion store. The platform supports wedding unlimited sellers and sellers can add unlimited products. Many seller-centric features will support in acquiring more sellers and help you in retaining them.

The admin of the platform gets complete control over the online fashion and apparel Store. Admin can accept or reject any sort of request made by seller or customer. Admin can also allow other employees to have access to the platform with certain restrictions. Good returns assured as the platform supports multiple revenue streams LIC Commission fee, subscription fee, listing fee, affiliates, advertisements, and many more.

Features of the Ecommerce Platform for Apparel

  • The platform strictly follows standard security protocols and is completely secured with SSL certification that can easily protect users data and can stand against all malware attacks.
  • The user-friendly UI and UX can gain the attention of the audience and can make them stay in the platform for a long time and convert them into customers.
  • Social media integration is an advantage users can easily use all social media channels to login the platform and can also share products through them.
  • Automated invoice and tax management features will be a great support for users who can easily file their tax accounting.
  • Real time tracking will help both sellers and buyers to check their order status and get proper notification on their orders.

4. Aceturtle – Customer centric eCommerce Platform for Apparel.

Aceturtle can understand your users’ requirements and have done enough market research that will make the platform more flexible for all Business models. well-reputed payment gateways integrated that will make customers feel comfortable in processing their payment transaction. The Automatic features will save users time and will increase their productivity and require less human intervention in completing tasks.

The device compatible design easily targets all your mobile audience and offers them more accessibility and better navigation. This will positively increase the website traffic. More genuine leads can be expected that results in better conversion. Multiple themes are available for customisation and users can their own eCommerce platform for apparel.

Features of this Fashion and Apparel eCommerce Marketplace

  • Uninterrupted order processing is perfectly carried out with the help of an effective inventory management system.
  • The push notification is an added advantage for both sellers and buyers as periodic reminders will be sent through instant notification messages on each order processing.
  • The scalability of the fashion platform supports users to build their business and spend them further in future and can also maintain huge customer data with the same platform. 
  • Multiple apparel stores can be maintained by users in multiple locations and can keep track of their progress with a single backend platform support.
  • The customer support offered by this fashion and apparel eCommerce platform is quite appreciable as users can get ontime technical support.

5. Anscommerce – A Powerful and Multifaceted eCommerce Platform for Apparel.

Anscommerce is one of the fastest growing apparel E-Commerce store solutions that inherits multiple features that can easily satisfy all user groups. A dedicated team of Technical experts work hand in hand in building the credibility of the platform. Users can access the platform through a website or through its mobile application aur even through any social media channel and can give an omnichannel shopping experience.

The performance of the fashion eCommerce Store can be easily measured through analytics and reporting. Users can get reports on their stocks, sales, revenues, and many more and can easily take necessary measures to enhance the performance of the platform. By utilizing proper marketing strategy users can easily promote their brand in the market.

Features of this E-Commerce Platform for Apparel.

  • Reaching the target audience has never been a difficult task platform is well integrated with all social media channels.
  • Customers can get access to the comparison tools and can perfectly compare products and pricing with multiple sellers and can choose the best for them.
  • The simplified checkout page will let customers to easily proceed with the checkout process and can make payments instantly and get products at their doorsteps.
  • The fashion platform is completely search engine optimized and supports users to get their online apparel Store in the top page ranking on all search engines.
  • Attractive loyalty and referral programs will gain the attention of customers and will make them by and prefer more and earn out of it.

6. Envision ecommerce – A Budget Friendly Apparel E-Commerce Solution

Envision e-commerce perfect solution for users who dream of building their own online fashion store within their budget. It has already gained more reputation and holds thousands of active users. The multiple E-Commerce features and functionalities satisfy all users and increase the brand credibility among the target audience.

Platform supports multiple payment options that help customers to use their credit and debit cards, net banking, and can use multiple payment gateways that are integrated with the platform. The excellent content management strategy will assure users to get more audience and to acquire more customers.

Features of this Fashion and Apparel Platform

  • The loading speed of the fashion platform is quite appreciable and your audience will feel comfortable in accessing all features in your Marketplace.
  • Multiple delivery options will help customers to select their convenient delivery slot and can collect their orders at their doorstep.
  • The platform supports mobile applications that can be used in both Android and iOS platforms. This will provide better navigation and accessibility to the audience.
  • Users can integrate any of their existing third party APIs with their fashion and apparel eCommerce platform and can easily sync data.
  • The platform comes with domain support that will take care of the entire hosting process and offers free domain registration for 1 year.

7. Search spring – secured and easy to use fashion and apparel E-Commerce platform.

Search Spring comes with feature-rich and impressive customer-centric modules that can easily grab the attention of your audience and can assure better conversion. The flexible UI and UX provides a seamless shopping experience to customers that will make them refer more people to visit your online apparel Store.

Multiple traffic generating tools available like Search Engine Optimisation, device compatibility, social media integration, and many more. This will bring more traffic to your fashion eCommerce platform and can easily convert them to customers and will let you retain them through its customer focused features.

Features of this E-Commerce Platform for Apparel

  • Platform supports better subscription plans that will benefit sellers and customers as they can subscribe and access features.
  • Most features are automated and less manual intervention is required that will save users time and will increase their productivity.
  • Customers and sellers can track their orders through a live order tracking feature. The Google map is integrated and allows real time tracking.
  • The advanced search and filtering options will help customers to find the products easily and will land them to the exact product page.
  • The platform supports multiple languages, and multiple currencies and will let users get connected with their Global audience through their fashion eCommerce platform.


So far, we have discussed in detail about the leading eCommerce platforms for apparel along with its features and highlights. To know more about their pricing and other packages you can visit their official websites. Compare all plans and pricing and select the best fashion and apparel eCommerce platform for your business and have a great start.

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