August 15, 2022
Best Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

7 Best Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms 2022 to Building Ecommerce Website & Apps

E-commerce marketplace platforms have taken a new dimension in the digital market. As the customers’ buying behaviors keep changing, you need to be on track to fulfill their demands. When you fail to satisfy them then you can see your downfall. To survive in the market, we need to keep updating ourselves with the current trends and advanced technologies and should learn to implement them in our business.

At the initial stage, very few eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart were leading the market. But today, we can find thousands of online stores and each entrepreneur is finding ways to reach their customers online. Also, the tremendous growth of smartphone usage is also one of the biggest reasons for this unbelievable growth.

Now let us analyze the best eCommerce marketplace platforms that have all essential features to satisfy all user groups

1. ZielCommerce – #1 Solutions for Building eCommerce Marketplace Software with Intuitive user Interface

Zielcommerce is a ready-to-use, scalable and customizable eCommerce solution that benefits businesses of all sizes. This enterprise-grade marketplace software inherits all salient features that will simplify business operations, satisfy customers, and generate assured income to the admin. This platform is built with better market understanding and utilizes a perfect content marketing strategy to grab the attention of the audience.

Users can obtain better traffic to their eCommerce marketplace platform as Zielcommerce is SEO-friendly and has numerous in-built marketing tools that can easily attract more visitors to the marketplace with less marketing expenses. Many sellers retain features like bulk product uploads, unlimited listing, and many more are available.

Features of this Marketplace eCommerce Software

  • This genuine marketplace platform comes with a one-time payment, where users can own this software with a lifetime license by just paying once.
  • Multiple payment gateways around 70+ payment processors are integrated with this marketplace in a secured manner.
  • The loading speed of this eCommerce software is unbeatable and reduces the bounce rate of your platform.
  • A dedicated mobile application is available that is supported by both Android and iOS devices.
  • Can handle multiple stores with a single eCommerce marketplace and can monitor all your business operations with perfect back-end platform support.

Best Use Cases

2.  Drupal – Device-compatible Multi seller Ecommerce Marketplace Solutions

Drupal is one of the reputed and reliable eCommerce marketplace platforms that are very cost-effective and easy to customize. The platform supports a wide range of products and can easily attract audiences to the marketplace and assures a better conversion. Unlimited sellers can be added to this platform and many seller-centric features are available in this marketplace.

The admin can approve or disapprove any user of this platform and also any product that is requested for approval. Also, the admin can allow multiple access to other employees with restrictions. Multiple revenue streams like commission fee, subscription fee, listing fee, and many more channels are integrated with this marketplace that will benefit admin in getting better returns.

Features of this eCommerce Marketplace Software

  • The marketplace platform is completely secured against all malware attacks as the marketplace is SSL certified and PCI compliant.
  • The UI & UX are user-friendly and compatible with any device that can allow users to access the platform from any device.
  • The marketplace is well integrated with all social media channels that will help you in reaching your target audience in a better way.
  • Effective invoice and tax management features will support users to file their tax accounting easily.
  • Customers can track their orders in real-time and can know the status of their orders anywhere, anytime.

Best use cases

  • Transportation eCommerce platform
  • Online salon booking software
  • Food delivery service eCommerce marketplace   

3.   Opencart – Powerful eCommerce Marketplace software with Affordable Pricing

Opencart can easily match customers’ expectations with its strong market research knowledge. The platform is integrated with the most reputed payment gateways that will facilitate customers to proceed with their checkout with online payment processing without any hesitation.

Mobile users are easily targeted with its device-compatible design and assure higher traffic. In addition to it, many responsive free themes are available for customization and users can design their eCommerce marketplace platform that will suit their business theme. Users can also get free plugins and add-ons that can enhance the modules of your eCommerce business.

Features of this Ecommerce Marketplace Software

  • A simplified inventory management system will support suppliers to manage their stocks and always maintain minimum stock in hand all the time.
  • The push notification feature will send reminders and alerts to sellers and buyers regarding their orders and also about the latest arrivals and offers.
  • The platform is perfectly scalable and will allow you to expand your business as the marketplace can hold huge data.
  • Users can have multiple stores in multiple locations and can be easily handled through multiple store management features.
  • Effective customer support is available 24/7 that will guide users whenever they need any technical assistance in managing the platform.

Best use cases

  • Bookselling eCommerce platform
  • On-demand music online marketplace store.
  • Clothing and accessories eCommerce marketplace platform.
  • Handicraft online marketplace platform.

4. Magento – Multifaceted eCommerce Marketplace Platform with Excellent Customer Support

Magento is a well-known eCommerce marketplace software and has a dedicated community that can support users in all their technical issues. The platform goes well with any business model and supports all business sizes. With its multilingual support and multiple currency support, users can easily get connected to their global audience.

Users can get a clear picture of the performance of the ecommerce marketplace platform through advanced reports and analytics features. This will help them to get reports on the sale value, payment transactions, stock availability, and many more. Using these reports, the admin can analyze the scope of his business and can plan with his marketing strategy.

Features of this eCommerce Marketplace Solution

  • Users can reach their target audience who are active in any of the social media channels as the platform is integrated with all social platforms.
  • With the help of an in-built comparison tool, customers can easily compare products and their prices with multiple sellers.
  • The easy checkout page will support customers to have a hassle-free checkout process and this will make them visit your eCommerce marketplace software again and again.
  • Being a search-engine-optimized marketplace software, you can easily expect search engine page ranking.
  • Retain your customers with cool loyalty and referral programs that will attract your customers to buy more and to refer more.

Best use cases

  • On-demand cab booking marketplace platform
  • Online ticket booking platform
  • Refurbished goods selling eCommerce platform
  • Hyperlocal multi-seller marketplace platform

5.  Shopify – Easy-to-use eCommerce Software that Suits All Business Sizes

Shopify is a reputed eCommerce marketplace platform that holds thousands of active users and has a great record of customer service. It possesses multiple eCommerce features that can specifically meet the requirement of each user group that uses the platform. The simplified payment system will make customers feel comfortable in transferring their amount online and getting their products at their doorstep.

The platform is SSL certified and assures customers of data security. They can share their data with the marketplace without any threats. The easy-to-use ecommerce marketplace platform supports every common man to easily access the marketplace on their own without anyone’s support. Multiple payment options benefit users to use all means of payment methods to get their products.

Features of this eCommerce Marketplace Software

  • A simplified order management system will support users to identify each order and fulfill the delivery part in an effective way.
  • Any existing third-party applications can be easily integrated with this eCommerce software and can synchronize the data.
  • More than 50+ payment gateways are integrated with the platform and most of them are reputed and are very familiar in the market.
  • An effective inventory management system will guide sellers in maintaining their stock and will never run out of stock anytime.
  • This eCommerce marketplace solutions comes with domain support and provides free domain registration for one year.

Best use cases

  • Grocery eCommerce marketplace platform
  • Cosmetics and accessories for fashion marketplace software
  • Online movies eCommerce platform
  • Hyperlocal eCommerce store

6. Bigcommerce – Customizable eCommerce Marketplace Solution

Bigcommerce is an impressive eCommerce marketplace platform that possesses an enchanting UI & UX. It has many salient features that can easily attract audiences to your business and assure you better conversions. The user gains complete control over the marketplace and can approve or reject any seller or any product on the platform.

The loading speed is fair enough to reduce the bounce rate and users can expect good traffic as the platform is SEO-friendly. There are also several in-built marketing tools that will support users to promote their brand in the market without spending much on marketing and promotions. Also, users can have remote access to the marketplace as the platform is completely cloud-based allowing you to access it anywhere anytime.

Features of this eCommerce marketplace software

  • This platform comes with the lowest subscription cost and also offers a better commission plan to sellers.
  • Many advanced technologies are implemented in this platform that will facilitate users to have a hassle-free business operation.
  • The live tracking feature is an added advantage of using this eCommerce marketplace. Both customers and sellers can track their orders in real-time.
  • Customers can easily reach the exact product page as the platform supports advanced search and filtering features.
  • Global audiences can be reached as the marketplace has multilingual and multiple currency support.

Best use cases

  • Fashion and clothing eCommerce solution
  • On-demand cab booking eCommerce application
  • Online jewelry marketplace platform

7. 3d cart – Professional eCommerce Marketplace Platform

3D cart is the most recommended eCommerce marketplace that has all the essential features to enhance your online business. An effective content management system supports users to easily grab the attention of audiences. The platform also has an in-built content editor that will allow the admin to edit the content anytime that can suit their business.

Customer-centric features like offers and discounts, loyalty and referral programs, affiliate modules, and many more will attract more customers to have repeated purchases with your eCommerce marketplace platform and will also make them refer others to your online store. All you need is to have a perfect referral plan.

Features of this eCommerce Marketplace software

  • This significant eCommerce store will let users have social media login. Users can use their social media credentials to log in to the platform.
  • The cloud-based marketplace facilitates users to sit anywhere and monitor their multiple stores located in multiple locations with a few clicks.
  • The platform allows customers to share their feedback through a review and rating system that will help other new customers to check and visit your platform.
  • This marketplace acts as a perfect POS for your business and you can also integrate your existing POS with this platform.
  • Sellers can benefit from flexible commission plans and can earn well and will pay to the platform only when they earn through them.

Best use cases

  • Electronics eCommerce store
  • Grocery eCommerce platform
  • Service marketplace platforms

8. Volusion – 100% Customizable eCommerce Marketplace Platform

Volusion is a widely accepted eCommerce platform as it supports multiple business models, users of any business background can make use of this platform and can have great digital transformation. The better loading speed of this eCommerce marketplace has never disappointed its visitors and will make them stay on the platform for a long time and will assure better conversion.

The income is highly assured as the eCommerce marketplace has multiple revenue streams integrated with it. Users may not worry about their returns as they all need to focus on marketing and promoting their brand to their target audience. Users can also easily analyze the performance of their business through advanced analytics and reporting features. This will help them to enhance their business and to survive in the market.

Features of this eCommerce marketplace platform

  • The multilingual and multiple currency support will help you get the global audience to your platform and you can expand your business beyond boundaries and get orders all over the world.
  • The multiple payment options will help buyers to decide on purchasing products easily without hesitation as they are permitted multiple payment modes.
  • Customers are allowed to share their feedback about the product quality and the service offered by the eCommerce platform through reviews and ratings.
  • The in-built marketing tool will support users to promote their brand easily in the market without spending much as you will easily gain brand recognition.

Best use cases

  • Online movie booking platform
  • The hyper-local grocery marketplace platform
  • e-learning platform
  • online music download platform

9. Shift4shop – Perfectly Scalable eCommerce Marketplace Solution

Shift4shop is a multi-store managing eCommerce marketplace platform that will help users to handle multiple stores that are located in multiple locations. Users can monitor all data under a single platform. Users can merge inventories in different stores and can keep track of them easily and get proper notifications on stocks. The simplified order management system will let users have a hassle-free delivery process and can impress customers.

The platform is search engine optimized and will let users have their marketplace in all the search engines on the top pages. This will increase website traffic and assures better conversion. Buyers can compare prices with multiple sellers and can choose the best that they can afford. There are many seller-centric features that will satisfy each seller and will help them get more orders and earn well along with the platform.

Features of this eCommerce marketplace solution

  • The device responsive platform will support users to get more mobile audiences who can get the same look and feel when they access the platform through their smartphones.
  • A better invoice management system will help users to have a perfect tax-generated bill that will be done through automation without expecting any manual interference.
  • Customers can be delighted with discounts and offer that will save their time and will encourage them to repeat their purchases with your eCommerce platform.
  • Reputed payment gateways are integrated with the platform as most of them are familiar like Paypal, and stripe and can let buyers use them to pay online.

Best use cases

  • Salon appointment booking platform
  • Online cab booking platform
  • Clothing and accessories selling platform

10. Codecanyon – Customer-centric Feature-rich eCommerce Marketplace Software

Codecanyon is a budget-friendly eCommerce marketplace that comes at an affordable price. Many startups can be benefited from this platform mainly because of its price. Users can find all essential features that are mandatory for any eCommerce software and can support users to run their business effectively. The excellent customer support is experienced by users as the technical team is available round the clock.

The social media login facility will let users use their social media credentials and enter the platform and start buying. The revenue is guaranteed as there are multiple revenue sources integrated with the platform. a simplified check-out process will support buyers to easily proceed in their buying process without taking much time. Customers can also choose their convenient delivery slot and can get their deliveries on time.

Features of this eCommerce marketplace platform

  • The admin gets the overall control of the platform and can monitor each seller’s performance and can check buyers’ buying activities.
  • Sellers can have unlimited product listing that will help them in expanding their business and get more audience to their page and assures better returns.
  • The platform supports sellers and buyers with multiple communication channels like live chats, SMS, email, and many more. This will help buyers to communicate with the seller and know about the product in detail.
  • Customers are encouraged by loyalty and referral programs that will benefit them in saving money and will make them refer more friends to your platform.

Best use cases

  • Online movie ticket booking platform
  • Online video streaming platform
  • Grocery eCommerce platform.


Hope you have gained enough knowledge about the leading eCommerce marketplace platforms that are ruling the digital market. Take time and go through all features and functionalities that each platform inherits. You can have a personal chat with these marketplace software providers and can ask for a demo. By analyzing the demo, you can customize features.

Check with prices and compare among ecommerce marketplace software providers. Also, check for the customer support they offer. Finalize the one that perfectly matches your requirements and budget. Do not take much time in starting your online business.

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