October 5, 2022
best c2c marketplace platforms

10 Best C2C Marketplace Platforms 2022 – Features, Cost and Reviews

The popularity of eCommerce has given rise to the C2C business model. With this unique business model, customers started to trade with each other. Initially, customers were getting their products and services from other businesses (B2C). But now, C2C has become the most beneficial eCommerce model that benefits both sellers and buyers.

C2C marketplace platforms are promoted mainly through word-of-mouth. So, providing a satisfying product and service has become mandatory as it will have a major impact on the reputation of the platform. There are many leading C2C platforms that have succeeded in the market. Let us take a look at the top 10 C2C eCommerce platforms.

Best C2C Marketplace Platforms for Building Buy Sell Marketplace Website & Apps

1. Zielcommerce – A Complete Customizable and Scalable C2C Marketplace Software

Zielcommerce is a well-known and highly reputed C2C marketplace platform that fulfills the demands of all business groups. Users can easily frame their marketplace platform with this customizable eCommerce software. The build c2c platform is also device compatible and users can use any of their smart devices to access the eCommerce store.

Users can have a dedicated mobile application that works on both Android and iOS platforms. This will provide a seamless shopping experience and can attract more audiences to your online store. Zielcommerce comes with a one-time payment and users can own the license. Users can have a cost-effective solution and can inherit vast features that benefit the eCommerce store.

Features of this Buy and Sell Marketplace Solution

  • The admin gains complete control over the marketplace and can monitor, approve, dis-approve users and their requests.
  • The platform supports customers to easily find their products with the help of advanced search and filtering options.
  • Familiar and reputed payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe are integrated with the marketplace that will facilitate users to pay and buy products without hesitation.
  • The push notification feature will keep buyers and sellers alerted about their orders and also regarding new arrivals and offers.
  • Effective order management will streamline all orders and assure hassle-free order processing.
  • The in-built marketing tools support users to get their brand easily recognized in the market and the SEO-friendly platform will get you better search engine ranking.

2. Flippa – A Trusted Marketplace Buy And Sell App

Flippa is an eminent C2C marketplace platforms that easily connects people to sell and buy their used products at reliable prices. In buying and selling platforms, users can access the platform through its website or through its mobile applications or through social media platforms and offers an omnichannel shopping experience to users. OLX has become one of the fastest-growing networks that support trading globally.

The platform can be seen in all top searches in all search engines as the marketplace is completely SEO-friendly. Order tracking facility is available for sellers and buyers as they can track their orders in real-time. Users can have a secured payment transaction as the platform is more particular about users’ data security.

Features of this C2C marketplace software

  • Several add-ons and plugins are available with this platform that will help users to have access to additional features.
  • Every seller will have a dedicated dashboard that will let them know how well they are performing with the platform.
  • Multiple communication channels are available that will allow sellers and buyers to communicate with each other.
  • Customers are allowed to save their favorite products on the Wishlist and can buy them later.
  • Multiple payment options are available that allow users to pay online and buy products.
  • Users are allowed to register their feedback about the product and the service they received from the platform.

3. Emizentech- A Impressive C2C Marketplace Platforms

Emizentech has gained the attention of thousands of users as it has the best hosting solution and also comes with affordable pricing. The platform supports all business sizes and it is highly recommended for any startup or small and medium-sized business. Users can sell their products through the dedicated website with their mobile applications or even through social media channels.

Multiple sellers and buyers’ features are available that will benefit both sellers and buyers and make them comfortable in their selling and buying process. The platform is mobile-friendly and the design is completely device responsive and will allow users to have the exact look and feel in all their devices.

Features of this buy and sell classified marketplace platforms

  • The marketplace is totally scalable and allows users to expand their business and maintain all their customers’ data.
  • The order management process is efficiently handled and hassle-free order processing is experienced by users.
  • Branding and promotion are easier with this C2C marketplace platforms as it contains several built-in marketing tools.
  • Customers can compare prices and products with multiple sellers using the comparison tool that will help them to find the best seller.
  • Multiple plugins and add-ons are available that users can buy and can organize their business operations.

4. Drupal – A Complete C2C Marketplace Software

Drupal is one of the best C2C platforms that inherits all essential features and functions that will help all user groups to be benefited. The marketplace for software is easily available on all search engines’ top pages as it is completely search engine optimized. The admin of the platform will get the overall control over the functions and features and can monitor each and every activity.

Order tracking facility is an added advantage of the buy and sells marketplace as it allows both sellers and buyers to track their orders. More than 50+ payment gateways are integrated with this platform that will support buyers to easily carry out their payment transactions without any security threats.

Features of this buy-sell marketplace solution

  • The easy and simplified installation process can be carried out with this marketplace and users can get support from the technical team.
  • Sellers and buyers can easily communicate with each other as the platform supports several communication modes that will simplify the communication process.
  • Multiple delivery options can be opted by sellers, and buyers can choose their comfortable delivery slot.
  • Users can use the mobile application exclusively designed for mobile users and can get an excellent shopping experience.
  • The attractive UI and UX will get you more audiences to your platform that will result in better conversion.

5. Webcul – A Impressive C2C Ecommerce Platform

Webcul is the most user-friendly c2c marketplace platforms as it already has millions of active users on Webcul. All Facebook users can easily start their own marketplace platform and can sell their products easily without investing much amount. Users are already well-versed with the functionality of this social media channel so it is easy to handle the webcul marketplace.

The ultra-protective security standards are utilized that will let customers have an excellent security support system. Users can comfortably post their products as there will not be any restriction in the product listing and can easily get the attention of their target audience which will result in better lead generation.

Features of this C2C marketplace platforms

  • The most simplified login procedure is followed as Facebook users can use their credentials to directly sign in the platform.
  • Customer-centric features are the real highlights of this platform. customers are allowed to give their feedback and review the product.
  • Excellent analytics and reporting tools are utilized to help sellers easily understand how well their business is performing with the Facebook marketplace.
  • Easy product comparison options are provided to buyers and they are allowed to compare price and product quality with multiple sellers.
  • The dedicated mobile application has gained the greatest response and it allows customers to have a comfortable platform accessibility.

6. Codica – A Reliable C2C Marketplace Software

Socialsell delights customers through its salient buy-sell features. The platform has gained more attention from the audience and many have started their own marketplace with the help of Socialsell. The marketplace has a great community that will have experts in this field. Users can get the experts’ support anywhere, anytime, and build their own eCommerce store in an effective way.

Users get a clear insight regarding the performance of their business through advanced analytics tools and can improvise more to enhance their business in the market. Additional plugins and add-ons are available and users can use them to simplify their business operations and spend their time in a productive way.

Features of this C2C Software

  • Multiple stores can be managed effectively using this ecommerce marketplace platform and users can have control of all the stores under a single back-end.
  • The excellent content management system is maintained as every product will have an excellent description that can easily grab the attention of the audience.
  • Users can get 24/7 customer support from the technical team and can rely on them for any issues that arise within the platform.
  • The design is mobile responsive and it is compatible with any smart device that will get you more visitors to your platform.
  • Customization is the greatest tool that can be used by users to frame their business and meet their target audience in a unique way.

7. Marketcube – A Simplifies C2C Marketplace Platform

Close5 is a perfect white-label marketplace solution that will support any aspiring entrepreneur to start their own eCommerce store and reach their audience in an impressive way. The unique UI and UX have a crucial role in attracting more visitors to the platform and assuring better lead generation. The buy and sell apps has scalable feature will support users to expand their business and run further without worrying about the storage facility.

The SSL-certified platform provides better users’ data security and protects the platform from all malware attacks. Users can use this along with their existing business software as this platform easily integrates any third-party API and will easily synchronize data. The social media login facility will support users to use their social media credentials to log in to the platform without spending much time.

Features of this C2C buy and sell platform

  • The geolocation mapping feature will let buyers locate the nearby sellers and can get products in their same locality.
  • There are several revenue streams that are integrated with this marketplace and support better revenue generation.
  • The flexible user management system will allow the admin to give authority to other users to access the platform with some restrictions.
  • The admin can set the commission fee and can be more flexible in changing the commission plan whenever needed.
  • Users can easily identify the traffic source through a proper analytics tool that will give a detailed report about all the traffic sources.

8. Yerdle – A Powerful Buy And Sell Marketplace Apps

Yerdle is developed with strong market understanding and the marketplace is framed to fit into any business size. This marketplace has its own community that can support users in fulfilling their demands and business goals. Most plugins and add-ons are available free of cost and users can make use of them and can simplify their business operations.

The platform is more mobile-friendly, supports multi-tasking through automation and gives perfection in all its output. The platform offers better customization and allows users to frame their own eCommerce store to meet their target audience in an effective way. Any sudden increase in traffic can be efficiently handled by the platform.

Features of this C2C marketplace solution

  • Simplified social media login supports users to instantly register themselves with the platform without spending much time in the registration process.
  • The multi-seller management system allows users to effectively handle multiple sellers by providing more seller-centric features.
  • Sellers can request their withdrawal with just a few clicks and the admin will follow the payout procedures instantly and assure on-time payment to each seller.
  • The effective push notification feature will notify sellers and buyers about their recent orders and also will be intimate regarding the latest arrivals and offers.
  • Better loyalty and referral programs are supported by this buy and sell marketplace platform that will attract more customers and will also retain them with the platform.

9. Craigslist – A Robust Buy Sell Marketplace Platform

Craigslist is the top-most C2C classified platform that currently holds millions of active users. Customers can easily find products with an effective search and filtering option. Sellers will get a dedicated dashboard to identify their business performance. Sellers can view their inventory details through the dashboard and can fill their stock accordingly.

Craigslist has an independent hosting facility that will let the platform perform well in the market. The uptime is quite appreciable and users will never face server downtime and can have an uninterrupted online store service. More than 70+ payment gateways are integrated with this buy and sell marketplace and facilitate users to have instant pay and buy processes.

Features of this C2C marketplace platform

  • Multiple customer engaging modules are available with this C2C platform that will help users to acquire more new customers and will also retain them.
  • Less marketing expenses are needed as the platform has multiple in-built marketing tools that will support in promoting the brand in the market.
  • Through the ticketing system, customer queries are handled and customers can experience perfect technical support from the platform.
  • Multiple revenue streams are integrated with the marketplace that assures better returns to the user with less investment.
  • Users are allowed to enter their reviews and feedback about the platform and its quality service. This will support the platform to enhance its performance.

10. Bigcommerce – A Personalized Buy Sell Marketplace Software

Etsy is a perfect buy and sell marketplace for small businesses that can easily accomplish their business goals. The intuitive user interface attracts more audiences to the platform and makes them stay and give better conversions. Advanced technologies are integrated with the platform that makes shopping simpler for customers and gives them a perfect shopping experience.

Multiple store management features are supported by this unique buy and sell platform that will let users handle multiple stores at multiple locations. The simplified checkout process facilitates customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience and this will reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Features of this Buy and Sell Marketplace platform

  • The platform supports customers with a better return and refund policy that will delight customers when they can easily return products without any difficulty.
  • Dedicated mobile applications are available that allow users to download them from the Play Store or App store and can use them to pay for and buy products.
  • The advanced analytics and reporting tools support users to have a clear insight about the platform performance and can help them to take necessary measures to enhance the business.
  • An excellent inventory management system is followed that will allow sellers to have track of their stocks and will let them have an uninterrupted order delivery.
  • Sellers can have unlimited listing options that will help them to display a wide range of products and also they can have a bulk upload option to add products in bulk.

Understanding customers’ buying behavior is the most crucial aspect that any C2C marketplace platform should learn. Customers are the key users who search, shop, and buy products from your buy and sell platform. So, it is very essential to know the trends in the eCommerce shopping behavior of customers.

  • Mobile devices are the major source that brings traffic to any marketplace platform. around 78% of traffic is generated from smartphones.
  • Around 65% of customers use the voice search function to search and find products. So, it has become mandatory to have a voice search feature on your platform.
  • 45% of sales happen through suggested products given by the platform. you need to keep your customers aware of products by suggesting them and this will create a demand to buy.
  • 87% of the audience gives high priority to the user experience that they get from the platform.
  • A satisfying CRM pushes 30% of sales for any business.
  • A simplified checkout page will increase 27% of conversions and decrease 22% of cart abandonment.
  • Video marketing has a 43% greater impact in attracting customers to the platform.

Wrapping Up  

 Before you start building your C2C marketplace platform, you need to understand the market demand and should have the solution in hand. This will help you to survive in the market and will also get you better returns. Implement all the above-mentioned tips and create a perfect buy and sell marketplace platform that will get you better customer engagement.

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